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Umbilical Cord Blood transplantation is an exciting new development that can save the life of children with leukaemia and other life threatening illnesses.

Robbie Lodder lost his life to leukaemia because he could not find a perfectly matched donor within his family or on the Bone Marrow Donor Register. Had there been a Cord Blood Bank Robbie may have been given another chance at life. The BMDI Cord Blood Bank has been established in memory of young Robbie and children like him.

The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne has been in the forefront of Cord Blood transplantation in Australia. The first cord blood transplant was performed in May 1992. Until now the cord blood collections have been restricted to newborn siblings of children in immediate need of a transplant.

The establishment of the BMDI Cord Blood Bank will make cord blood available to the larger community and will contribute to the saving of lives of many children in need of a transplant.

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