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Happiness comes to a boy named Ethan

Ethan at 5 Years Old

Ethan at 5 Years Old

At four months old Ethan was suffering from what seemed like a long-lasting cold.

But a visit to the local hospital in Darwin brought the devastating news that Ethan had chronic myeloid leukaemia. With his health quickly deteriorating, urgent action was needed.

So his parents decided to pack their belongings and have Ethan urgently evacuated to Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital. After three rounds of chemotherapy, a spleen removal and conditioning drugs, Ethan was given an unrelated cord blood transplant, which came in the form of a syringe filled with 40ml of cord blood. He recovered in record time and was sent home in 17 days.

For the following three months Ethan was in isolation at home, only parents, grandparents and sister being allowed around him. It was six months before the extended family were able to visit. Outings in the pusher amongst people saw Ethan behind a rain cover to keep him isolated.When visiting the park he was able to be free of this protection, as long as there were no people near.

But all that care paid off. Ethan is seven years old now, and his parents say he is a happy and active little boy with a good chance at a long, healthy life.


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