Down Memory Lane 6

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PDG Jim Ledingham, PDG Norm Jarvis, DG Ron Rofe, PDG Maurie Chapman and PDG Eric Blain. All have been District Governors of District 201 B and two have been Council Chairmen

Left to right:- PID James Jamieson, PDG David Bull, Lion Jim McLardie, PDG Harry Watkins, PID Bill Parsons, PDG Rex Turner, PDG Eric Blain, PDG Phil Lusher, Convention Chairman Keith Van Der Water and DG Elect Jim Ledingham

Members of the 1970/71 Multiple District Council with their Cabinet Secretaries and Council Officers

Left to right:- PDG Gary Cooper, PDG Jim Ledingham, PDG Nick Bible, PDG Phil Lusher, PDG Ken Willard and PDG Craig Thompson

Left to right:- DG Jim Ledingham (201 A), International President Dick Bryant and DG Ted Horwood (201 G)

The four PDGs who have been Chairman of the Hearing Dog Project. Left to right:- PDG Brian Carter 1st, PDG Bill Holmes 3rd, PDG Tony Versace 4th and PDG Doug Omond 2nd. The photo was taken at the Opening of the new wing in 2002

At the 201 N Handover in 1976 DG Maurice Minervini, DG 201J holding the "cold pasty" given to him by DG Doug Omond 201 N.

Since those days the idea of the "cold Pasty' has advanced to the stage that on District Handover night the new DG gives the immediate Past DG a gold chain with pasties on it with the names engraved each year with the new PDG. This was started in 1978 when District Governor Bob Campbell Handover to the new District Governor for District 201 S3 David Cain.



Left to right:-Mr & Mrs Duffield (Mayor of Elizabeth), Lion Keith McEwan,

 District Governor Syd Shipway, Jess Shipway, PDG Bill Tresise and his wife Fonnie.

201 J Convention at Elizabeth in 1970. This was the last Convention before the District was split into 201 J and 201 N.

IP Lloyd Morgan arriving at Norfolk Island and
being greeted by District Governor David Tuckerman in 1979.

The International President Bert mason with PID Leo Tyquin and GD Ben Gray  at the Charter Night of the Irymple Lions Club in 1984


Lloyd Stubbin Handing over to Viv Fitzpatrick 1990

Cabinet Secretary Des Fleming & District Governor  Viv Fitzpatrick 1990

Viv Fitzpatrick Handing over to  Bill Whitestyles DGs Handover 1991

left to right are:- PIP Frank Moore 111, PID Lucy Armstrong, PID Ron Luxton, ID Djoko Soeroso, PID Bob Coulthard and PID Barry Palmer at the PDGs Annual General Meeting and Dinner at the National Convention in Darwin May 2008.


On Sunday, 7th December a group of Lions and Rotarians arranged by PDG Garry Irvine and a Rotary PDG provided a BBQ for 20.000 people. 

In order to provide for so many people they arranged for 26 BBQs and 120 volunteers. It is the biggest BBQ ever held in Western Australia. 

Two other PDGs were involved but were not available for the photo. PDG Ambrose Depiazzi 79/80 and Jack LeCras 90/91


DG Roy Geraty, Roy Keaton and DG Elect Harry Wakeham. (1961)