Down Memory Lane 7

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1999 MD Convention May. PDG Ted Watts demonstrating

1999 MD Convention May. DG's & Wives

PDG Bill Robertson & Kay & PDG Bruce McLeod at 2005 MD Convention Perth

CC elect Bob & Barbara Gilchrist at Mildura MD Convention 2010 


Maxine Gaylard & PDG Graham Gaylard at the V1-4 District Changeover night July 2009


PCC Phil Lawler at 2012 Perth Convention


PDG Bryan & Gwenda Woodward & PDG Bruce McLeod

PDG Corinne Stone 2009/10 & Rocky Stone


2010/11 Victorian District Governors Reunion, Ballarat, 2011 

Anthony Stockdale of V6, Col Higman of V3, John Beale of V6 & Graeme Lukey of V1-4.



PDG Graeme Lukey, PDG Graham Allen & PDG Helen Campbell


PDG Fred Jacobs & Helen Jacobs at 2012 Perth Convention


PDG Jill Qualtrough & PDG Graeme Lukey at V1-4 District Changeover 2010 Charlton

PDG Jill Qualtrough, Wendy Tjioe, Paul Tjioe, PDG Ross Wood, PDG John Thorpe, PDG Arthur Uren 2011

PDG John McIntosh & Jean McIntosh at 2012 Perth Convention


PDG John McIntosh & PDG PCC Bob Gilchrist

PDG Nancy Dean & Stan Dean ALF Hall of Fame


PDG Paul Helmling & Maxine Helmling at 2012 Perth Convention


PDG Helen Campbell at 2012 Perth Convention


PDG Robert Kann at 2012 Perth Convention

PDG John Lynch & Lion Julie at the 2010 Australian International Convention

PDG Ray Strong & Maureen Strong at 2012 Perth Convention

PDG Ross Wood at Canberra Convention 2013

PDG Roly McAtee & Carmen McAtee at 2012 Perth Convention