ANNUAL REPORT – Newcastle 2015. 

My Fellow Past District Governors 

It is with pleasure that I present to you this 50th Annual Report. Our membership is 492 including 17 District Governors for the year 2013/2014 and 6 partners of deceased members. 

Our sincere thanks to the Members, District Governors and Cabinet Secretaries who forwarded information to me during the year, without their valuable help it would not be possible to keep you informed.


Circulars with information regarding our deceased members, former members and partners of members forwarded this year are as follows: -

PDGs John Fawcett MSt.J May 2014 1989/90
  Darcy Carmichael June 1979/80 
  Wendy Jenkins OAM JP   1997/98
  Terry Gray   2010/11
  Des Hitchcock July 1993/94
  Jim Hewitson August 2007/08
  John Rowland October 1979/80
  Noel Gollschewski   1989/90
  Peter Mitchell   2000/01
  Franz Mairinger OAM   1997/98
  John Knowles OAM JP   1979/80
  Phyll Batchelor November 1994/95
  Bryce Waters January 2015 2005/06
  Sid Davey   1978/79
  Ron Bailey February 1988/89
  Gordon Williams March 2007/08
  Irene Dunning   1998/99
  Bill McNamee   1999/00
Former Member    
  Graham Bourchier 42064 1988/98 & 1995/96


The following partners of members have died: - Von, wife of PCC Lance Gliddon 1981/82, Lynne, wife of the Late Jack Archibald 1974/75, Betty, wife of PDG Ivan Jenkins 1995/96, Helena, wife of PDG Kevin Smith OAM 1974/75, Carolyn, wife of John Greenwood 2000/02, Jan, wife of PDG Bill McNamee 1999/00, May, wife of PDG Norm McPherson 1985/86, Phyllis, wife of Late PDG Lloyd Stubbin, Eriminio Sangalli, partner of PDG Margaret Stewart 2005/06, Valerie, wife of PDG Alf Hawken 1999/00, Rosette wife of PDG Mike Guilfoyle 1986/87, Dot, wife of PDG Barney Barritt 1979/80, Janet, wife of the Late PDG Dennis Lane 1980/81,and Carol, wife of PDG Stewart Pyers 2013/14. 


Bank balances as at Monday, 27th April were as follows: - 

Cheque account $ 1249.82    Bonus saver account $726.02        

 Term deposit $5500.00 @ 2.6% until 16th October 2015.  

 Life Members. 

The following is a list of the Life members of our Association: - 

1983 PIC Syd Packham OAM* 1955/56 
1984 PDG Lyle Harvey * 1963/64
1985 PDG Ray Ware MBE* 1959/60
1986 PID Jim Richardson BEM * 1963/64
1987 PDG Noel Reid 1963/64
1988 PID Bill Parsons * 1962/63
1989 PDG Philip Lusher * 1965/66
1990 PDG Harry Jenkins AM* 1968/69
1991 PDG Walt Edel * 1974/75
1992 PDG Doug Omond OAM 1975/76
1993 PDG Jim Ledingham* 1969/70
1994 PID Ian Stockdale MBE * 1969/70
1995 PDG Neil Williams OAM * 1976/77
1996 PDG Kevin Smith 1974/75, 1991/92
1997 PID Ken Lentfer OAM 1974/75
1998 PDG David Tuckerman OAM 1979/80
1999 PDG Neil Armstrong * 1982/83, 1985/86
2000 PDG John Knowles OAM 1979/80
2001 PDG Ambrose Depiazzi 1979/80
2002 PID Stan Dawson 1981/82
2003 PDG Bill Hendy* 1973/74
2004 PID Bob Coulthard AM 1982/83
2005 PDG Keith Davis AM 1978/79
2006 PDG Brian McGrath OAM 1975/76
2007 PDG Bob Korotcoff  1979/80
2008 PDG David Welsh AM* 1971/72
2009 PDG Eric Black OAM* 1972/73
2010 PIC Harry Wakeham OAM* 1961/62
2011 PDG Chic Wilson OAM   1970/71
2011 PID Colin Ringer*   1968/69
2011 PID George Higgs 1973/74
2011 PID Barry Palmer AM 1996/97
2011 PID Ken Bird   1997/98
2012 PDG Keith Kent 1972/73
2013 PCC Bruce Hudgson 1980/81
2013 PDG Paul Logue 1981/82
2013 PDG Carlene King OAM 1994/95
2014 PDG Mick Borzi OBE AM 1963/64
2014 PDG Phil Mitchell 1978/79
2014 PDG David Skinner OAM 1988/89

* Deceased Member


We extend our congratulations to the following members who were invested with the following Awards in the Australia Day Birthday Honours list. PDG Peter Ho AM, PDG Peter Jarvis 1988/89, PID Ken Bird, PDG Tony Versace 1997/98, and PDG Tony Benbow 2006/07 who received OAMs. 

At the AGM Dinner in Tamworth IP Barry Palmer AM presented Presidential Medals to PDGs David Tuckerman, Bob Dewell, Don Pritchard, George Barnard and myself.

As at this date we have only 57 of our members receiving our circulars per Australia Post. This number continues to fall each year, whereby our running expenses are very marginal, except for flowers sent to the Partners of our deceased members. An Anonymous Donor has again this year provided a full box of stamped envelopes. 

Our sincere thanks to Lion Trev Roberts who continues to manage our web site Information and photos for the site are always welcome to be added especially to the “Down Memory Lane” pages.   

I would also like to extend sincere thanks to President, John Kilpatrick OAM and Secretary, Bob Findley for convening our Annual Dinner tonight. 

In conclusion I would like to move that my report be received.


J Douglas Omond PDG.

Treasurer & Welfare officer.

Annual Report / Newcastle 2015.