PJNSC Lunch.


On Sunday 19th November 42 members and their wives enjoyed a delightful Lunch at the Seacliff Beach Hotel. Apologies were received from 24 members, who for various reasons were unable to attend.


Our sincere thanks are extended to our Hosts for the day, PDG Bob and Lions Lady Josie Radford.


Among the apologies were two members who are on the sick list, PDG Jim Adam and PDG Roger Brockhoff. A Christmas Card with best wishes from all attending was sent to each of them.


The next Lunch to farewell the two incoming District Governors will be held in late May or early June next year. Our Hosts on that occasion will be PDG Bob Sleigh and Lions Lady Natalie.


Full details will be forwarded to all members early in the New Year.


. Madge Guerin, Nancy Graham and Jess Shipway


Ern and Marge Sconce


June Fleming, Matt Fitzgerald and Terry Omond


Pat Heinze and Danica Harley


Guy Harley and John Roger


Mattiske, Robert Graham and Madge Guerin


Erica and Bob Korotcoff and Bod Campbell


Marlene Campbell, Bob Sleigh and Ed Ceely


Mick Millar, Michael Allis and Patricia


Bob and Josie Radford


. Peter and Lyn Sparnon and Bill Holmes


Jill Holmes and Marilyn Millar


Charles and Elizabeth Mattner and Pat Heinze


Dean and Dorothy Noll


Joan Ceely, Jill and Tony Bransbury


Terry Omond and Betty Mattiske


Ed Ceely